How good are you in Gathering and Analyzing information? - Assess your Research skills 

Research skills are important in most work settings. Employers classify them, as essential transferable skills that every employee needs to possess, be it a newbie or an experienced one. By research skills, I mean the basic skills to gather, filter, sort, and analyze information with respect to your work. I use ‘research skills’ in the generic sense. Therefore, I do not refer to in-depth scientific study of any kind for proving specific hypothesis.

Research and Information gathering skills go hand in glove and require special set of skills to use them efficiently. They are important because they help you to understand the external environment. Furthermore, they provide you with opportunities to be both competitive and successful.

Whether you are in a sales team, production team, research and development department, educational sector or service industry, you need to be aware of ‘happenings’ in your respective work domain. Therefore, you need to be constantly on the search for information that will help you to progress at work. You may agree that information is power. Thus, it is a valuable resource for any business enterprise.

Basic Research Skills

I believe that the following are few important research skills:

  • Gathering Information – This includes ability to gather relevant information from different sources such as books, journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, websites, records, documents, and interviews. Furthermore, it includes the ability to make use of library resources, e-books, and other electronic databases
  • Expertise in using Internet – Being skilled in browsing the internet, locating information, and ability to handle information overload
  • Evaluating Information – Reviewing literature, filtering unwanted information, sorting of data, choosing relevant information and synthesizing useful information
  • Presenting Information – Having skills for writing a professional report, supported with tables, graphs or statistics, citing references, persuading people and disseminating information.

Do you like to assess your skills in research and information gathering? Try out this sample questionnaire on research skills and identify your areas of strengths. Questionnaire for Research Skills

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