Barriers to Acquiring Soft Skills among Students


Employability has become a playground accessible only to the high achievers or to those with specific job attributes. We see that high level of competition in the job market, technology development, and the need for learning specialized or innovative courses are few challenges to employability. Besides, economic recession across the globe has made job availability scarce and competitive. Consequently, employers look only for the cream of the crop when it comes to hiring. Obviously, possessing soft skills has become a ground rule for recruitment.

However, students or fresh candidates out of universities do not see the importance of soft skills development. Similarly, sometimes even educational institutions and employers forget the true essence of soft skills development and offer soft skills courses merely to satisfy requirements. As a result, there are several barriers to acquiring soft skills among students.

I believe that students, educational institutions, employers, and parents are equally to be blamed for the barriers to acquiring soft skills.

Barriers to acquiring Soft Skills


They do not understand the need for soft skills development and rather prefer to invest in technical skills development. Further, they lack the necessary motivation for acquiring essential soft skills.

Educational Institutions

Many institutions offer soft skills training courses within their campus. However, some institutions focus on offering soft skills programs based on availability of financial resources, trainers, and facilities. Much importance is not given to need-based soft skills programs.

Employers and Family

To a certain extent, employers need to take the blame for the lack of relevant skills among job seekers. Some of them do not share their specific requirements, or are not willing to train job seekers after the hiring process. They look for candidates who come with a ‘skills package’. On the other hand, parents are willing to finance their children for technical skills development rather than on soft skills. They believe that soft skills are required only for specific jobs.

These are few causes acting as barriers to acquiring soft skills among students.

Do you want to analyse the barriers to acquiring soft skills among students with reference to a specific target group? Download this sample questionnaire to know the perceptions of people on acquiring soft skills. You may modify the questionnaire to suit your needs.

Questionnaire – Barriers to acquiring soft skills

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