Assessing Time Management Skills


After working on something for several days or hours, have you felt that it was a sheer waste of time and that you could have rather done something better? Are you one of those people who are always rushing, racing against time?   Do you always sacrifice your personal time to complete official tasks and yet ask your boss for time extension? Have you given up on something that you like to do or you are passionate about due to want of time?

If you say YES, then perhaps all you need to do is to manage your time effectively. For most people, the ‘style of working’ and not the ‘work itself’ is a major problem. You may be willing to do challenging and complicated tasks. You will not mind spending your time and energy on activities that give you professional satisfaction or on tasks that kindle your passion.

However, your problem may be completing the tasks successfully given a specific time frame. There is a possibility that you have taken up tasks without realizing their intricacies and the time demands, leaving you desperate and stressed out. Do not fret! You have a solution.

It only needs some planning and managing your time. Start the day by listing out the tasks on hand and by planning the best ways to complete them. Focused planning and managing your time will help you have better control over your goals.

Assessing Time Management Skills

Practice few essential time management skills and learn to prioritize your activities. I believe that you need to internalize the following to develop your time management skills.

  • Planning – Make a daily/weekly /monthly planner. Prepare a daily ‘To Do’ list and assign time frame for each task.
  • Prioritizing & Organizing – List all tasks and prioritize them based on their importance. Keep all papers / files organized and avoid clutters.
  • Setting SMART goals- Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Don’t bite off more than you can chew
  • Commitment – Take responsibilities and be accountable for the tasks you undertake. Give your time and energy to complete what you have started.
  • Perseverance – Do not give up on tasks undertaken due to difficulties or barriers. Take one task at a time and continue against all odds.
  • Self-evaluate –Keep track of your progress and measure your achievement periodically. Check for errors, delays and pitfalls and rectify at the earliest. Learn from your mistakes.

Try the ‘3-P, 2-S, 1-C’ approach and improve your time management skills.

Do you like to assess your time management skills? Download the questionnaire by clicking here. Time Management Skills Questionnaire. The Questionnaire has 28 statements covering the factors mentioned above.

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