Assessing Teamwork Skills


Teamwork Skills

Just as much as it is impossible to survive alone in this world, it is impossible to work alone in any organization. In today’s ‘connected’ world, being a part of a team is an everyday happening. Whether it is an educational institution, scientific research center, non-governmental organization or the corporate world, people are always working in teams. Furthermore, employers consider teamwork skills as an important and most sought after transferable skills.

It could be any kind of team – operational team, management team, project team, remote team or virtual team. The matter of concern is the efficiency and working style of the team. The productivity and the growth of any organization depend largely on the success of teams.

It will do good to periodically assess the strength of a team and identify areas for improvement. The success of a team depends on several factors as listed below. Therefore, you can assess a team for its effectiveness based on these factors.

The key factors for success include the following:
  • Focus on goals
  • Leadership & Ownership
  • Tasks Delegation
  • Time Management
  • Personal Values & Ethics
  • Monitoring and Constructive Feedback
  • Team spirit and Communication
  • Team Bonding and Trust
  • Commitment & Motivation
  • Knowledge, Skills & Resources

You will find a sample questionnaire covering the above factors in the link provided. The elements under each factor are included in the questionnaire. The questionnaire has forty-two  statements and responses are got on a five-point scale.

You can use the questionnaire among any working teams such as sales team, project team or among educators or students. You can tweak or modify the statements to suit specific target groups.

Please click here to download the questionnaire Assessing Teamwork Skills Questionnaire

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