Most people believe that managers are the backbone of any organization. On the one hand, employees look upon managers as their defenders and heroes, whereas on the other hand, policy makers and executives see them as key players in the growth and stability of the organization. Employees expect a lot from managers. They desire their manager to be someone who can inspire, guide, motivate and hold their hands during difficult times.

The happiness and productivity of individuals at work depends on managers - their style of working, attitude and relationship with employees. You might be one of the many who has not changed jobs in several years because you have an understanding and supportive manager. On the flip side, sometimes employees dread going to work because they are destined to work under an intimidating manager. Employees fear ‘policing’, ‘punitive’, and ‘revengeful’ managers who have their own philosophy of work culture.

Effective managers are those who are able to balance well between employees’ demands and administrators’ dogmas. Therefore, in order to play the balancing role effectively, they need to possess core skills such as planning, delegating, organizing, coordinating, monitoring, leadership, communication, problem solving, decision-making and mentoring skills. Among many others, they also need few essential skills such as training, team building, negotiating, information gathering, goal setting and collaborating skills.

Assessing Management Skills

Employees like to relate to managers who are professional, supportive and empathetic.  In fact, they need the assurance that their manager will stand by them and will not play a deceptive role at any cost. Likewise, most managers will be able to sense when employees are apathetic towards them.

A well-liked manager will be a change agent in the organization. He will be able to influence and motivate people. Hence, he will be a performer leading the organization through the success path.

Are you an effective manager? Do you like to assess your management skills or try it out on other managers? Download a questionnaire for assessing management skills and identify areas for improvement if any. The questionnaire has thirty-two statements covering some of the factors mentioned above. Click here -  Management Skills Questionnaire

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