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Administration and Management are terms that are often confused and interpreted in different ways. Experts will agree that the two terms differ in their meaning and functions. When I was in college, I always loved studying the first chapter of any Introduction to Management book. It would have content on functions and levels of management, managerial and administration skills and principles of management. Invariably the authors would have differentiated between Administration (top level) and Management and believe me that would be a probable question asked in the examination too.

Okay, what is the difference between the two terms? Simply put, Administration is concerned with policy formulation, whereas, Management is concerned with policy implementation. Therefore, Administrators hold top-level positions and are responsible for making key decisions and strategic planning. They are responsible for the growth and stability of the entire organization. Hence, they are concerned with problem-solving, decision-making, and creative thinking.

I love the way that the terms have been differentiated by in a simple yet profound manner. The comparison chart is presented extremely well and it deserves a reading.

According to Oliver Sheldon, “Administration determines the organization; management uses it”. Administration defines the goals; management strives towards it”. Hence, as you can understand, administration implies ‘thinking’, while management implies ‘doing’. Obviously, Administration is clearly a higher-level function.

Accordingly, several key skills are required for being an effective administrator.

Key Administration Skills

These include:

  • Conceptual skills
  • Human skills
  • Strategic planning skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creative thinking skills and
  • Technical skills

Are you an able administrator? Do you like to make a self-assessment of your administrative skills? Alternatively, would you like to test it on someone you know?

Click to download a questionnaire for assessing administrative skills that has 25 statements covering the above-mentioned factors on a five-point scale. Administration Skills Questionnaire

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